Intuition Line


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Intuition Line(Bow of Intuition)

Intuition plays a very important role in every aspect of life whether it is scientific or spiritualistic. It guides us like a flame in unexplored darkness.

It is a very rare line founds in a palm. When this line is present, it promises high achievement. There are very good chances that he might shine in the field of occult. The person will not live a normal life. He may be a philosopher, a mystic and may possess divine power. He can also foresee future events.


The main characteristics of this line are –

1-This line is generally founds on psychic, philosophic or conic hands. It is found on soft hands. It is very rarely found on hard hands.


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No.5 is Intuition Line

2-When this line starts as much as above of the Moon (Luna) mount and goes to the Mercury mount in circling the Mars mount without any flaw then it makes a person very remarkable in the society. This is one of the best positions of line where it works with full power.

island intuition
Intuition line with island

3- When the line starts with an island then it shows that the person is a sleep- walker. He can converse intelligently in a somnambulism  state.


Intuition line ending with star

4- When this line ends with a star then the person will get a highly promised success due to his own qualities or it can be said he will get success due to his intuitive quality. He will be benefited by the exercise of the intuitive ability.

5-When this magical line ends near the mind line (or the Mars mount), it gives a man hypnotic ability. He has hypnotic power and can increase his ability of mesmerism very easily.


Formation of Triangle with Intuition, mind & luck line

6- If the line forms a triangle with mind line and luck line then it shows that the man is a talented occultist. He can be a good clairvoyant i.e.  Astrologer, Palmist, practitioner of Scrying etc.

NOTE- It is found in experience that when the intuition line is present then the man is afraid to water sport, sea traveling, boating and swimming etc. Often people are terrified with psychic phenomenon as they are very open and receptive to such phenomenon because of the intuition.


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