Ring of Solomon aka Jupiter’s Ring(गुरु मुद्रिका)-PART 3

palm Model12
Broken Ring Of Solomon 

If the Jupiter’s ring is broken then the person becomes irritable and over thinker. He may have family issues and due to it he becomes nervous.

palm Model16
       Line from Life line cutting Ring of Solomon

When Jupiter’s ring is cut by some line from mind or life line then it shows danger from poison. It can be a snake’s bite or some poisonous injection.

palm Model14
       Heart line touches the Ring of Solomon

If the heart line touches the Jupiter’s ring then the person may have incest relationship.I have seen hands of this category.This is a matter of keen observation.ring of solomon

When the forked  heart line forms a triangle by the interaction of Solomon Ring,  then the person is with high ideals and altruism. He is like a yogi. The triangle  should be clear, beautiful and balanced.So do not be haste in prediction. Take your time and observe wisely and intuitively.In observing the traits of Solomon Ring (wisdom) we should not forget to study the mind line. Because wisdom is not found in a confused individual.

The sympathy line is common on Jupiter’s area. It is a straight line which generally touches heart line or life line. It shows sympathetic temperament .

pam Model28
                    Double Ring of Solomon

Double Ring of Solomon promises strong sixth sense if tuned properly.

Only a single sign or line does not predict an event or quality. Generally it    enhances the particular quality related to that sign. For accuracy we should  observe other signs and lines  related to the quality.

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