Precautions Before Playing Colors:

Holi is a very vibrant festival .We rejoice the life in a new way and  dance with  the rhythm of  phag songs. We wait the whole year to play with color and fill our and others life with rainbow colors of emotions. So before the great fun there are some do’s and don’t. Let us check it out:


cover body

Cover the whole body with clothes.

Castor Oil
                                          Castor Oil

Apply castor, olive,  coconut  or mustard oil to form a protective layer on the body. This will make the color wash off easily . Moisturizer can also be used. Do all this  an hour before playing holi. Massage your head previous night for protecting the scalp.



Apply sunscreen  30 to 45 minutes before playing the colors on the oil to avoid tanning. Use SPF 25 for it.


Take care of cuts and wounds by applying waterproof ban-aids. This should be taken care as the color may mix with the blood and can harm us.

bun hair

Tie a bun or braid your hair.


Wear old sunglasses to protect eyes from color.  You can buy inexpensive or disposable glasses.

contact lens
                                           Contact lens

Do not use contact -lens. It may lead to irritation and infection in eyes.


Drink water, juices, glucose frequently to recharge yourself as well as maintain moisture so that color may not harm us by enter into the body through pores. Hydration is the key so drink plenty of water.

water splash
                                    Splash 0f water

Slash cold water on the part of the body as soon as you feel irritation.

Natural color
                                       Natural colors

Use natural colors  for information about natural colors read  HOLI Part(1)



Precautions After Playing HOLI :


Do not shampoo immediately to hair. Apply curd at least 45 minutes before shampooing to avoid  damage of hair.

                                                    Mustard oil

Apply mustard oil after shampooing for at least an hour to remove extra color from hairs

wheat flour
                                      Wheat Flour

Use wheat flour with lemon or oil  to make a paste. Apply it all over the skin then scrub the color. After that take the shower.

                                                Cold Water

Use cold water to remove colors . Hot water will make it difficult to do so.

                                        Do not Facial etc.

Do not go for skin or hair  treatment i.e. facial, bleach, hair color after playing colors in holi. Wait for at least a week or two before applying chemicals on your hair and skin.

                                                       Methi Seeds

Use a paste of curd and methi seed powder as a post holi hair mask for nourishment and to prevent damage of hairs.

May your holy be safe.

Fill color to your and others life.

Share your experience with us.

Have fun….


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