SURYA NAMASKAR (Salutations to the Sun)

Surya namaskar was handed down to us by our rishis of vedic age  who were super scientists.They were the enlightened ones. Sun Salutation aka Surya Namaskar is The mother of all exercises (MOAE)

SURYA—Sun ( in yoga represents pingla or surya nadi responsible for carrying vital life force.)


COMPLETE SADHNA —Includes Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, and Meditation techniques.


1 ) Strengthens  back bone.

2)Helps in balancing the metabolism.

3) Stimulation of all the systems of the body such as reproductive, circulatory, respiratory.

4)  Influence endocrine glands so that the transition period between childhood and adolescence is balanced.

5) Breath synchronization as well as physical movements increases mental clarity because our brain  gets fresh oxygenated blood.

6) It prepares for the spiritual  awakening.

PRACTICE TIMING.  1) Ideal time is Sunrise* or Sunset.

2) Can be practiced any time. (The stomach should be  empty)

*whenever possible practice in open air facing the east direction.


1) Should be immediately discontinued if symptoms of fever, acute inflammation , boils or rashes occur due to excess toxins of body.(After the removal of toxins the practice may be continued. )

2)Should not be practiced by the people suffering from high blood pressure, coronary artery diseases, or who have had a stroke.(it may overstimulate or damage a weak heart or blood vessel system.)

3)Should be  avoided in the cases of hernia .

4) Should be avoided in case of intestinal tuberculosis.

5) If someone has back problems then he/ she should consult a medical expert

( If we use alternative asana program then it would be better to manage slipped disc and sciatica )

6) During the onset of mensuration, Surya Namaskar should be avoided.( if no side effects then can be continued)

7) During  pregnancy Surya  Namaskar may be practiced until the beginning of twelfth week. ( After delivery it may be started  for forty days  for re-toning the uterine muscles).