14 Mukhi Rudraksha

Fourteen Face Rudraksha activates third eye. Third eye is also known as Ajna Chakra. Fourteen face gives intuition and detemination because of this quality. For mind and brain it is one of the best Rudrakshas.14 Mukhi Rudraksha helps to overcome malefic influences of Saturn and Mars such as SADE SATI and Mangal Dosa. In our Ancient texts this Rudraksha is said ” Deva Mani”. Bhagwan Shiva himself wears this Rudraksha. Ram bhakt Hanuman is the deity of this Rudraksha.

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This Rudraksha is from Nepal Origin named as Elaeocarpus ganitrus roxb in scientific community. This Rudraksha is personally selected after minute study of its Density, Altitude and  Outer-Inner Structre. The beauty of the Rudraksha is that it is Ganesha i.e. Remover of all Obstacles.

It has been Purified and Energised by a very rigorous method of Ancients.