Why Rudrakshas, Gems and Mantras do not work?

Mantras, Gemstones and Rudrakshas work. Most of the people are not able to get benefit from these. The reasons are as follows:

Nowadays it is very hard to find a genuine gemstone. Somehow if one is able to find a gemstones then 99% its heated and treated. So astrologically it does not show impact. The market of non heated and non treated gems is costly.People fell in the trap of heated and treated gem stones.Although they pay for precious stones yet they get the semi-precious ones. If one wants to be benefited from GEMS then it should be non heated and non treated, flawless and from a good origin( a place from where it is extracted). Origin also plays an important role. Due to a particular place the quality of gems varies.
                  Seven face rudraksha

The same thing can be said about Rudrakshas.

                           Hybrid Seven Face Rudraksha

HYBRIDISED rudrakshas are in the market on high prices/low prices. These rudrakshas are not effective. Rudrakshas from Nepal origin are to be considered best. Higher face Rudrakshas are 99% fake. Rudrakshas are generally cleaned  with acid . This exposure is not good for  rudrakshas .Chemically cleaned rudrakshas  loss spiritual power.

                                Effects of mantras

If we want to chant MANTRAS for benefit then it is very effective and at the same time it is very-very hard to get benefits. Its a super-science. So, each and everyone can not be benefited unless the proper procedure is followed .It has a lot of rules and regulations. The seed mantras are easy for getting benefits than other mantras (i.e. they can be keelit). Everything can be learnt gradually by His wish. Its a time taking process.The energy emitted through all these things can be mapped by scientific equipment.


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